Bike Rack: Single Name but Three Accessories for Important Applications

Bike rack is an exotic name, but this name doesn’t itself reveal objective of using this item. The term ‘bike” is also referred for a bicycle, but rack denotes a framework. Thus, a rack for a bike may be a bicycle carrier, bicycle parking rack, or luggage carrier. A bicycle carrier is an accessory attached to an automobile or bus for transporting bicycles. A bicycle parking rack is an accessory used to secure a bicycle at a parking location to prevent lifting by thieves. A luggage carrier is an accessory attached to a bicycle to which cargo or panniers can be attached.

Bike rack: Three accessories of a bicycle

There may be three different objectives of a bike rack: to transport a bicycle on a vehicle, to secure bicycle on parking, and to carry some load on the bicycle. These are, in fact, three different types of accessories. You can understand the importance of these bike accessories that appear to be normal items, but their worth is too much for a bicycle owner. Let’s elaborate uses of different types bike racks. A bicycle carrier is often used when a bicycle has to be transported top some recreational site such as trail or bicycle track, by a bus or some other automobile vehicle. A bicycle is secured with the vehicle with the help of this rack. A bicycle parking rack is used like a wheel lock to secure the bicycle on the parking site. A luggage carrier is attached to the bicycle to store some belongings or other items during bicycle riding.

Bike rack: How it is worthful

Any type of bike rack is not comes attached to the bicycle from its manufacturer because it is an optional accessory that you can install on your own choice. These accessories are easy to use and you don’t need help of a mechanic to fix these accessories to your bicycle. These can also be detached every time when you are not using a bicycle.