Panels of Garage Doors Should be Maintained Well

One of the most vulnerable parts of any garage door is its panels that stay exposed to all types of conditions and climates throughout a year. Therefore, it is clear that they can be subject to wear and tear as well as mishaps or accidents. In any case, they should be sturdy enough so that they can withstand some sort of detrimental effect. Normally, newly installed doors have a general life expectancy of minimum 20 to 25 years and this can also be verified by experts at any garage door spring services in Columbus.

Also, columbusgaragedoorpros states that for the first few years, an owner can be sure of their performance. But as they start aging, some sort of preventive maintenance should be done. It can ensure that they will stay sturdy for long. Some other aspects related to doors and panels are also discussed here.

  • Accidental damages should be reviewed – An accidental damage can occur due to any natural calamity like floods, earthquake, etc. or when any object rams against the door. In the latter case, either a door can be completely damaged or there can be dents in certain panels. Also, the damage on a steel panel can be completely different from damage on a wooden panel. Depending on the extent of damage, panels can either be repaired or replaced completely. If repair is enough to address the issue, a fresh coat of paint after repairing can make it look as good as new.
  • Replace a door for extensive damage – In case of extensive damage to a door, it is always recommendable to replace the complete unit and this view is also endorsed by experts at As a thumb rule, if more than two panels get suffered, it is always better to replace the door. It is because finding a replacement for both of them may not be the easiest and the service cost of two panels can easily be justified to the long run cost of a door. Moreover, a new door will not need any maintenance for the first few years.

Thus, we can see here that if there is no calamity and garage doors are maintained well, they can stay unblemished for a long time.