Everything You Need to Know About Summoners War R5

Unique content in Summoners War is Rift Raid Level 5, referred to as R5 where you party up with 2 other players to fight the Raid Boss together. The team builds Summoners War R5 is an important aspect. In Rift Raid Level 5 (R5), you will have a team of 6 monsters that can be placed in either the front or backline with frontline monsters taking most of the damage and backline monsters taking much less. At R5 level, you can get some best rewards of the game. Farming R5 provides an enormous surge to the power of your runes and monsters. At R5 level, you will get Enchants and Grinds to substitute and enhance the substats on all your runes. This is how you progresses with R5. 

Important terms in Summoners War R5  

The most important thing that helps you to build an R5 team successfully is getting familiar with the Raid Boss’s mechanics. Besides, you need to learn some common terms used in Summoners War R5 such as Attack Bar (ATB) means attack gauge, Debuff means harmful effect, Cleanse means removing harmful effects, Proc means activation of skill or rune effect, and Nat 5 means natural 5-Star monster. You also need to be familiar with R5 boss the important skills and passives.  

Important things to familiarize in Summoners War R5  

The important Skills in Debuffs in Summoners War R5 are Leader Skills (Def, Res, Crit Rate), Attack Break, Attack Speed Slow, ATB Reduction, Cleanse, Defense, Break, Heal Block, Damage Reduction Passive, and Glancing Hit. The non-Important Skills and Debuffs are Attack Power Buff, ATB Boost, Branding. Besides, team layouts and stat requirements such as Frontline Monsters, Backline Monsters, Speed, Accuracy and Resistance are also important factors. Additionally, you need to learn team compositions such as Double Damage Dealer, Triple Damage Dealer, and Twin R5 Teams. You should also know about the best monsters for Rift raid (R5).