What Are Eyelash Extensions & In What Way They Are Good or Bad

Extended eyelashes are a symbol of facial aesthetic. When you extend your lashes, your eyes look exceptionally large and beautiful that enhance the charm of your face. Your facial appearance sometimes makes you pretty and look sexy. A sexy woman usually catches the attention of men. Extended eyelashes are actually a manipulation of natural lashes to suit your face.

Eyelash extension materials

There is no way to extend your natural lashes, but synthetic eyelash extensions are the solution that makes your lash more beautiful than natural. The extensions are additions, and these extensions may sometimes be that of other animal hair (real mink) or materials such as synthetic mink, silk and cashmere, and a few other materials. Real minks are more effective material but usually forbidden due to animal cruelty, price, allergies, and maintenance. The risk of allergies is not eliminated with the use of synthetic materials.

eyelash extensions

The durability of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are still a good option to facial aesthetic despite a few adverse factors associated with their application. The extended lashes can be maintained at home and usually last between two to six months based on the natural lash cycle and product quality. On average, 20% of natural lashes are shed every two weeks. The best products always have better value compared to cheaper products. So, it won’t be appropriate to fix the durability of lash extensions.

Preventing risks of lash extension

There is usually no risk with the application of eyelash extensions if you have been tested for allergies due to certain materials, and when the lashes are applied properly. Your natural lashes won’t damage in that situation if you don’t use extensions later. However, the excess application of the glue can have a damaging effect, resulting in premature fall off your natural lashes. So, you should be careful about the application. The lash extension studio artists are experts for application of the glue.