Why Water Knight Is the Best Monster

There are five attributes in total based on which the monsters of Summoners War are grouped – fire, water, wind, light, and dark. The selection of monsters based on these attributes is a unique process. The criteria are laid down to rank the monsters. The factors that determine the monster rankings are the number of places monsters can be used, value of the monsters for these places and hardness to replace the monster. This is interesting but a starred ranking list of monsters is prepared in this manner. So, we determine 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-star monsters.

Water knight

Water knight – the monster in the top list

The ranking is important to determine the best monsters for PvE farming and PvP farming. This seems to be complex but necessary to the best use of these monsters in different game modes. The GB10, DB10, and N10 teams rely on the power of these monsters for their play. So, a long list of the best monsters in various groups can be obtained in this way. We cannot say a monster at the top of the list because there are too many best monsters. Typically, the monsters with high star ratings are taken on the top. For instance, water knight is the one in the top list.

Water knight is strengthening

Water knight

Water knight is known for its skills that are quite for attacks. This monster empowers the player with more strength to attacks. Thus, attacks also help to remain defensive and sustain in the game. When someone has this monster, the power to attack the enemies is enhanced, and the attacks are made in more distributive ways to cover more enemies. The player, therefore, can make his play better and progress with a speed in this game. The objectives of attacks, defense, and speed are, therefore, achieved by the power of a single water knight monster. A newbie can, therefore, become a better player.