Cracked Feet & Effective natural Ways to Treat Them

Cracked feet, that are actually cracked heels are a common foot problem, usually in countries having dry weather conditions.  This problem may occur in both adults and children, and usually affects women more often than men. The reason may be any. This problem usually becomes severe in the winters when there’s dryness in the atmosphere. Most people usually ignore this problem, but it becomes severe sometimes, and consequently painful if preventive measures are not taken in time.

Keeping your feet healthy

You don’t need much effort to take care of your feet. Most issues are resolved when you wash your feet thoroughly and regularly, and keep them covered to prevent the attack of dirt and harmful bacteria. You shouldn’t, however, be negligent to replace your socks every day because most dirt and harmful bacteria stick to your socks, and infect your feet skin. You can keep your feet healthy by following these simple recommendations.

Cracked feet

Cracked feet are a problem

Cracked feet or heels are often ignored because they simply cause discomfort and no other serious problem, but this is not the right way to maintain your feet. The right measure to treat your cracked heels can save you from more discomfort when the problem becomes severe in the later stage. The cracked skin may be prone to bacterial infection also. Thus, the right measure is always needed at right time to avoid deepening of cracks that may cause more pain and infection.

Cracked feet

Natural ways to treat cracked feet

You may get rid of cracked feet by following simple steps. You may soak and exfoliate your feet, and apply heel balm regularly to moisturize them. A liquid bandage can also be applied to seal the cracks in the heels. Natural remedies are always best as preventive and therapeutic measures. Some of the effective natural substances for cracked heel applications are coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oils, paraffin wax, shea butter, vinegar, mashed bananas, and more that can be used in different ways for soak, exfoliation, and moisturization.