Acquiring Membership of Prestigious Lawyers of Distinction Through Nomination

Lawyers of Distinction is an exclusive platform for practicing lawyers or attorneys in the United States. This organization helps distinguished lawyers to grow in their fields of practice. It also helps people to find suitable distinguished expert lawyers for their cases in the courts of law. Lawyers of Distinction is, therefore, a unique platform that mutually benefits member lawyers and the people seeking professional legal support.

Benefits of membership of Lawyers of Distinction

Nominations for Lawyers of Distinctions

Lawyers of Distinction offers distinctive memberships and unique benefits to its members. The members enjoy these benefits in several ways. Their names are included in the members’ dictionary; by inclusion of name in the members’ dictionary, they get benefit of valuable SEO tools in the highly-optimized website of the Lawyers of Distinction; they can participate in the educational workshops organized from time to time; distinguished members get 11” tall translucent custom crystal statue; they also get 14’x11” custom rosewood plaque; they enjoy benefits of membership rosters published in the prestigious US publications such as USA Today, New York Times and Local Bar Periodicals; they are entitled to use Lawyers of Distinction’ logo and trademark; They enjoy members discounts programs; and many more benefits.

Process of Nominations for Lawyers of Distinction

Nominations for Lawyers of Distinctions

Keeping in view the above benefits, it becomes a matter of pride for any lawyer to own this membership but everyone can’t get this right. Lawyers of Distinction Members are selected by a Selection Committee on the basis of a review and vetting process. The prerequisite for the Nominations for Lawyers of Distinction is that an applicant must be licensed to practice law. The important factors that recognize the potential candidates for nomination and membership are the candidate’s achievements and peer recognition. A rigorous review of the ethical violations during the past ten years is also made by the Committee before nomination and confirmation of the membership. However, the nomination not always guarantees membership.