Bathroom renovation can be exciting as well as expensive and tiring. It is one of the most important enclosed spaces which we need to see beautiful and clean. Here are all the necessary details that you need to know about the renovation and remodeling your bathroom.

The price factor for bathroom renovation

The price factor is important in every field. The first question that pops up is, how much will the bathroom renovation cost? We cannot ignore the fact that fixtures and fittings play a very important role in determining the price factor. But on average, it would cost you around £4,500.  The bath, shower, and basin would in total cost around £300 to £500.

Bathroom renovation

Appointing Electricians

Most people pay too much attention to the renovation and tiling process and because of this, they forget about the electric work. Electricians need to be appointed beforehand so that they can give you practical solutions for your renovation ideas. The wiring, re-wiring, lighting etc play a major role in the renovation process.

Renovating to make storage

Storage spaces are never enough. You keep making them and they never are free. This time while you renovate, make sure that you make lots of space for storage purposes. Cabinets of every size would require proper designing and pre-visualization of things. Just like a modular kitchen, have a modular bathroom in your house so that you as well as your guests enjoy the feel. Some spaces that you need to design are:

  • Powder room
  • Mirror area
  • Guest bathroom
  • Master bathroom
  • Bath tub area and tiling
  • Shower wall tiling
Bathroom renovation


It is a long process but can be understood in a few simple words.

Planning: every process needs planning. You need to plan wisely before starting any construction work.

Demolition: after you have planned, you need to demolish the things and spaces that need to be replaced

Framing: visualizing and framing the new outlook

Plumbing: the plumbing work needs to be taken into consideration first along with electricians.

Tiling and flooring: this is a tedious job but will transform your bathroom already.

Cabinet fixing and hookups: the last thing is the fixing of the permanent fixtures.