Games to play in Jungle Jumps Inflatable jumper

The Jungle Jumps Inflatable jumper houses are very fun and can offer thousands of games to play. You can set it up on a daily routine day as well as for a special occasion. It is easy to set and comes along with a blower and a repair kit. The material that it is made up of does not get damaged by small punctures or ruptures. There are tons of such houses that are available for purchase as well as for rentals.

Jungle Jumps Inflatable jumper

Various games to play

Solo time trial: It is a fun game that can be played with two as well as 10 numbers of kids. The rules are simple; you need to travel from one end to the other end and whosoever does it in the shortest time period wins the game.

Head to head battle: This game is played with two kids racing against each other and reaching the end of the house. The one to reach the end wins.

Team relay race: Relay race requires minimum 4 players to play the game. They are divided into teams of two. The teams and partners try to navigate the players who are currently playing. The team who finishes all the rounds of the relay first wins the game.

Jungle Jumps Inflatable jumper

All these games are the most played games of the Jungle Jumps Inflatable jumper house. You can host amazing birthday parties and make the kids play these amazing games. Some other games like basketball and football can also be played in it. The accessories can be bought accordingly like the football net, the basket ball net, etc. You will not be given all these accessories for free. You will have to pay a little more to buy them. The bouncy house will be worth every penny that you spend on it.