How can you protect your cash from fires?

There’s probably nothing scarier than seeing all of your cash burn in an accidental fire. An accident destroying your years of hard work may qualify as some of the worst nightmares you could probably have. It’s manageable until it’s nothing a bad dream but what if that nightmare turns into reality?

fire proof money

You may not trust banks with money and that’s your choice. But does that warrant your cash to a risk of being destroyed? No. A fire proof money safe is the solution to this problem of yours. So read on ahead for the best safes.

  1. Sentry

This safe that’s made high-quality steel has an immense amount of space and an internal locking drawer. Since the safe has the resistance for high temperatures, it’s an amazing option for fireproofing your money.

  • First Alert Safe

Along with being fireproof, this safe is also waterproof, which makes the best option to protect your money from any accidents. It is portable and has high durability.

fire proof money
  • Sentry FireChest

A very affordable safe to protect your money in. It has a good amount of internal latches to store any important small belongings in. Plus, the safe comes with a handle that’s pretty easy to carry.

  • Serena

The safe comes with pre-drilled holes that can help in mounting the safe anywhere without any hassles. It has many options for it to be unlocked with a digital keypad to a finger scanner.

So now that you’ve known all that there is to know about fire proof money safes, go forth and get yourself the best safe there is to protect your cash and important documents from the horrors of accidental fires and the likes!